Lofty Kites

Africa - Sustainable Kite


Get ready for a wild safari with our Africa sustainable kite. With lions, elephants, giraffes and much more.

Our kites are super simple to build and easy to fly, even a two year old can do it.  There is just one pole to slot into place, tie on the string and you're ready for lift off!

They are all made from super-tough, recycled ripstop fabric, with each kite using the equivalent plastic of a 2 litre water bottle. The fabric features hand-drawn illustrations and bright colours.

Each kite has a long tail that acts as the rudder, keeping the kite gracefully dancing through the air.  The frame of the kite is extremely light and strong which gives the kite the flexibility and strength to withstand those sudden crash landings.

Every kite comes in a handy recycled ripstop carry bag, so you can keep all the bits safe together. 

The wooden handle is made from certified timber and the 30 metre line is made from natural cotton.

We want you to be really happy with your purchase with Eco Beach, but sometimes things just don't fit or are not quite what you expected, so of course we are happy for you to return your purchase to us for an exchange or full refund:

  • 30 day returns & exchange
  • Postage paid
  • Full refund

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